About The Isaiah project

My Testimony


I grew up in a family that was nominally Christian. We claimed to believe He is real, yet we never lived as though we trusted in Him. We attended church rarely. I read bits of the Bible, but never in its entirety. I had a lot of questions that never got answered, in part due to my never asking them and never actually seeking the truth of the matter. 


At the age of 17, I was out on my own and had begun to learn about other religions. A close friend of mine at that time had grown up in Druidry. After he explained the basics of it to me, it made more sense to me than Christianity did, so I walked away from any belief in Christ. I studied and walked the religious path of Druidry until I was 33.


At least once a year, I would send out a mocking prayer to the Christian God asking Him to prove that He existed by giving me a sign, I never noticed any of them in those moments. I now recognize this as an attempt at self-confirmation that what I believed was true. In February of 2016, I was having a difficult time getting to sleep one night, so I sent out my usual mocking prayer. This time the sign was undeniable and unmistakable. It felt like a spiritual slap across the face. In a moments time that felt like ages, God revealed Himself by showing me every occasion that He had previously shown Himself to me. They were each fairly subtle, but once recognized they were unmistakable.


I knelt at that moment and gave my life over to Christ. I didn't know what I needed to do, but I knew at that moment that I could no longer run from Him, and I could never again deny the truth of His existence. I broke down in tears. The odd thing about the emotions running through me at that moment was that it was complete shame and complete joy like I had never felt before. The mixture was a bizarre combination. There was also a firm feeling of peace.

Statement of Faith

I believe in God the Father

Maker of heaven and earth.

And in Jesus Christ, His only son, our Lord;

Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,

Born of the Virgin Mary,

Suffered under Pontius Pilate,

Was crucified, dead, and buried;

He descended into hell;

The third day He rose from the dead;

He ascended into heaven,

and sits on the right hand of God the Father;

From there He shall come to judge the quick and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit;

the holy catholic* Church;

the communion of saints;

the forgiveness of sins;

the resurrection of the body;

and the life everlasting. Amen.

I believe we  are saved by grace through faith in the person of Christ Jesus. Good works are not a condition for our salvation, but good works will always flow out from a transformed and saved life. The good works are evidence of a transformed and saved life.

John 15:1-11 (Jesus is the vine)

"Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself." James 2:17 (NASB)

I believe that though the Bible has human writers, the original writings were authored by God and are God's word given to mankind, they are His special revelation. Over the centuries, for various reasons, words have been added or removed. However, the core of the original message of the individual books, and the Bible as a whole, has not been altered in any significant way.

I believe that the universe is God's general revelation to mankind. Through scientific and philosophical studies of the universe we are able to know that God does indeed exist, and the God we discover in this way begins to look just like YHWH as described in the Bible.

Denominational background: Nazarene

catholic*: Catholic means "universal." This is not the Roman Catholic Church. This is the entirety of the body of Christ. Every person that has ever lived, and will ever live, that has placed their trust in Christ, no matter what denomination they are.

Mission Statement


In this age of abundant information, people can search and find answers to virtually any question they may have. The danger of this is that there is also a lot of misinformation cleverly disguised as the truth. The Christian faith is always under attack by those that believe only an atheist can be rational. I intend to be one of those that shows them the flaw in that belief.

My intent with this blog is to provide a source of information for the general layman on Christian apologetic arguments for God, critiques of counter-arguments, philosophy as well as addressing "in house" theological issues commonly overlooked or ignored.

I welcome all questions that you may have. I may not have an answer for you, but if I don't have an appropriate answer, I will do my best to seek out the truth of it.  

I am a lifetime student. I will always seek to expand my knowledge on a variety of topics, especially the issues that have eternal consequences. This blog is a tool to help bring light to the truth of Christ and a tool for me to use in this learning process. 


I hope that through this blog, I can help you to either see the truth of Christ or to strengthen the faith you already have in Christ. My secondary goal is to address "in-house" issues that have been causing division within the Church for far too long.


The most unloving thing a disciple of Christ can do is to neglect to share Christ to a non-believer or to allow a brother or sister in Christ to continue in sin without it being addressed.