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Daily Show line-up:

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Sunday’s ’Let Us Reason Together’

Discussing Torah, HafTarah, Brit Hadashah & News

Host: James O’Hare

Co-Host: AviGayle O’Hare

Co-Host: Kennard Levi Brown

Co-Host: Gabriel Bartlett

Monday’s ‘Let Us Reason Together’

Discussing Torah, HafTarah, Brit Hadashah & News

Host: John Craig

Co-Host: Mrs. Sandi Craig

Co-Host: Tom Collins

Co-Host: James Myers

Tuesday’s ‘Chameleon Church’

Discussing… Biblical Antidotes for The Modern Man

Host: Allan Aguirre

Co-Host: Jamie Louis

Co-Host: Tom Collins

Co-Host: Rabbi Darryl Weinberg

Wednesday’s ’The Hidden Voice of Hadassah’

Discussing Topics relating to the life we all lead in Torah

Host: AviGayle O’Hare

Co-Host: Mrs. Sandi Craig

Co-Host: Jo Cameron

Thursday’s ‘Only Visiting This Planet’

Discussing The Changing, Ruling & Ending of ‘This Planet’ as we know it. Oh yeah, some games!

Host/Co-Host: Mark David Smith (if one of us is not there then there is no show)

Host/Co-Host: Mrs. Sandi Craig (if one of us is not there then there is no show)

Guests when they show up

Friday’s ‘News for Life’

Topics could be, World News, Political News, Finance News, Health News, Sports News, Biblical News etc…

Host: Rick Pol

Co-Hosts: Those who call in!

Overhauls Producer: Mark David Smith

Wife: Adina Smith

Location: North Carolina

Messianic Lifestyle: 21 years



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